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Liz Bluper and Renée Plastique   website
Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong (MILDEW)
Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 0-7407-4208-6
$9.95/208 pages

MILDEW is the playful acronym for Mothers-In-Law Do Everything Wrong. From the all-too-revealing quiz to the laugh-out-loud stories to the "Hey, that really might work!" strategies, this book gives new meaning to the word "MILDEW." The hysterical tales of holiday chaos, "helpful" child-rearing advice, and MILDEW gift giving gone awry result in the first-ever truly fun humor book on mothers-in-law. So laugh your MILDEW away with the guilty pleasure of this brand-new look at an age-old problem.

June Skinner Sawyers, Editor
Racing in the Street: The Bruce Springsteen Reader
Penguin, April 2004
ISBN: 0-14-200354-9
$16.00/434 pages

Racing in the Street is the first comprehensive collection of writings about Springsteen, featuring fifty of the most insightful, revealing, famous, and infamous articles, interviews, reviews, and other writings. Racing in the Street is an exciting look at the career of an American rock icon. Includes a detailed discography, a timeline of Springsteen's life and work, maps of Asbury Park and Freehold, New Jersey. With a Foreword by Martin Scorsese.

Patricia Monaghan
The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Celtic Myth and Spirit
New World Library
ISBN: 1-57731-458-1
$14.95     Book club study guide.     Purchase from New World.

When Patricia Monaghan traveled to Ireland seeking her roots, what she found was much more than her physical ancestors. This is the story of her journey and the legends, landmarks, and mystical lore she encountered. Her poetic stories elucidate the ways that myth reveals the truth of human experience as well as the contradictions that are embodied in women's lives.

Maurice Possley    website
The Brown's Chicken Massacre
Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 0425190854
$6.99/272 pages (paperback)

On the night of January 8, 1993, seven helpless employees of a Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant in Illinois were herded into coolers and systematically assassinated with a .38-caliber revolver. This is the story of how a crime scene technician with amazing foresight saved crucial evidence that would be the key to solving the "perfect crime." It is also the story of how law enforcement--in the face of enormous criticism--persevered and solved one of Chicagoland's most daunting and horrifying crimes.

Margaret McMullan    website
In My Mother's House
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0-312-31824-3
$23.95/$33.95 Canada 259 pages

"What an exquisite and elegant novel. McMullan is the next gifted writer to watch."
   —Shirley Ann Grau, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of "The Keepers of the House"

A beautiful, haunting, and elegantly crafted novel about a daughter's quest to understand her mother's staunch commitment to silence about their family's experiences in Vienna during World War II and how they were able to escape.

Mary Elizabeth Anderson    website
It's Me Again, God
New Canaan Publishing
ISBN: 1-889658-25-1

It's Me Again, God explores the emotional aspects of growing up. Each of the 17 chapters presents a situation or problem through a short story. Each chapter concludes with a Bible verse and prayer, serving as reminders for preteens to bring all their problems to God. "The reader will discover that when life seems uncertain and you need some answers, God is listening."
   —Merry von Seggern, Children's Librarian

Michael Norman and Beth Scott
Haunted Heritage
Tor Books
ISBN: 0-765-34106-9
$7.99/583 pages   Barnes & Noble

Haunted Heritage is the latest book in the Haunted USA series, which earlier included Haunted Heartland, Haunted America and Historic Haunted America. Special sections in Haunted Heritage are devoted to college ghost stories, including Eastern Illinois University's haunted Pem Hall, and phantom lights.

Melvin G. Holli & Paul M. Green
World War II Chicago
Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 0738532096

War years ushered in changing times for Chicago. The city became an important military center as thousands of troops trained or passed through en route to war fronts, while Chicago's civilian population engaged in manufacturing war materials. As defense plants sprang up all over Chicago, African-American tenant farmers, migrating from the South, and women replaced the male labor force.

Laura Mazzuca Toops
The Latham Loop
Amber Quill Press
ISBN: 1-59279-949-3

"The birth of Hollywood in the 1910s comes vividly to life in this outstanding novel...The author skillfully interweaves diverse characters in an intricate narrative that includes overtones of such real incidents as the William Desmond Taylor and Roscoe Arbuckle cases."
   —William M. Drew, film historian; author, "Speaking of Silents: First Ladies of the Screen"

Tom Buck
Buck, Buck, What's Up? Tales from 60 Years in Journalism
Conversation Press, Winnetka, Illinois
ISBN: 0-9634395-9-6

"If you sometimes dream of the 'Golden Years' of newspapering, here it is, in all its zaniness, decency and immense creativity. Tom Buck, one of the finest practitioners of the Old School, is immensely amusing as he spins out the anecdotes of a lifetime well-lived and a profession well-weathered."
   —Georgie Anne Geyer

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