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SMA will once again participate in the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Book Fair, billed as the largest free literary event in the Midwest. This year it’s scheduled for Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4. SMA authors will be able to showcase and sell their books.
        SMA members can reserve space for $25 to help defray the costs. The exact times and location will be forthcoming. But reservations are being accepted for space on a first-come, first-served basis. Authors will be responsible for bringing their own books, selling them, collecting the money and taking away any unsold copies afterwards. Participants must remain in the booth for the duration of their assigned times.
        SMA will schedule times based on the number of responses received.

Please mail this form with a check made payable to the Society of Midland Authors for $25 to:

Society of Midland Authors
P.O. Box 10419
Chicago, Il 60610

Please register me to sell my books at the Fair. I enclose my

Name: ____________________

Address: _______________________________________


Phone: ____________________

E-mail: ____________________

Title(s) you wish to promote: ________________________________________


Preferred time slots:

Saturday, June 3 ____________________

Sunday, June 4 ____________________